Branch Environmental supplies custom built air and water pollution control equipment.

Our designs are used in a wide variety of applications and industry throughout the world.

Air Pollution Control

Branch Environmental provides a wide variety of custom fabricated air cleanup equipment including Scrubbers, Thermal Destruction systems (Oxidizers), special N0x Cleanup equipment and Vapor Phase Carbon systems.

The air pollution control equipment to be used for removing acids, organic vapors, particles, or a combination of these from large or small applications. More details are available on the individual product pages.

Water & Wastewater Treatment

Our equipment is used for cleaning water by aeration to remove volatile organics, ammonia and other gases from water. Air is most commonly used to contact the water and transfer the small amount of contaminants that are present however we can also use other gases.

Our steam strippers are used for treatment of large quantities of wastewater for removal
of BETX. More details are available on the individual product pages.

For many applications, more than one technology will work. We can help you find the solution that best fits your needs. Let us work with you to solve your problem and provide a solution that best fits your requirements.

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